Red Stick CrossFit

Red Stick CrossFit in Mid City brings the fitness community together through intense workouts.

Red Stick CrossFit is a strengthening and conditioning program designed for individuals, athletes and teams. Members work towards their personal fitness goals.

“Red Stick CrossFit, a CrossFit affiliate is basically a big warehouse where people who like to do CrossFit come workout,” said CrossFit member Amanda Capritto.

Group workouts consist of a variety of movements designed to exercise every muscle done at a high intensity. Workouts begin with a warmup of jump rope and light weights then build up to lifting heavier weights and moving at faster speeds.

A friend introduced Capritto to the world of CrossFit after high school.

“I ran cross-country for several years and then when I stopped running I realized, ‘Well, I have to do something,’” said Capritto.

She admitted that walking into the building to see people lifting heavy weights, doing pull-ups and hearing loud music blasting through large speakers was intimidating. But soon enough, the gym became a part of her normal routine as she became more comfortable with the intense workouts and began to meet people there for the same reason as her.

“It’s really a community more than anything and I think that’s why I do it and a lot of people that come here can say the same thing,” said Capritto.



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